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Potassium Chromate

Product Details:
  • Formula: K2CrO4
  • Molar mass: 194.1896 g/mol
  • Solubility in water: 62.9 g/100 mL
  • Assay Mini: 99.2 %
  • Insoluble Max: 0.005 %
  • Chloride Max: 0.02 %
  • Sulphate Max: 0.03 %
  • Grade Standard: Reagent Grade
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Packaging Type: Bag

Potassium chromate is the inorganic compound with the formula. This yellow solid is the potassium salt of the chromate anion. It is a common laboratory chemical, whereas sodium chromate is important industrially.

Potassium Metaborate

Product Details:
  • Synonym:: Potassium borate
  • Molecular Weight:: 81.91 (anhydrous basis)
  • Sulfate: Less than equal to 1000 mg/kg
  • State of Matter: Granular
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Molecular Formula: BKO2
  • Assay: Greater than equal to 31% B2O3 basis

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Potassium Acetate

Product Details:
  • Formula: CH3CO2K
  • Molar mass: 98.15 g/mol
  • Acidity: 4.76
  • Solubility in sulfur dioxide: 0.06 g/kg
  • Specific heat capacity: 109.38 J/molK
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Usage: Industrial

Potassium Acetate is used as a catalyst in the production of polyurethanes.

Potassium acetate can be used as a deicer instead of chloride salts such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. It offers the advantage of being less aggressive on soils and much less corrosive, and for this reason is preferred for airport runways. It is, however, more expensive. Potassium acetate is also the extinguishing agent used in class K fire extinguishers because of its ability to cool and form a crust over burning oils.

Potassium Borate

Product Details:
  • PubChem CID: 12816516
  • Molecular Weight: 176.102 g/mol
  • State of Matter: Crystals
  • Packaging Type: Drum
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Molecular Formula: K2B4O7.4H2O or BK3O3

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Potassium Bi Sulphate E.P.

Product Details:
  • Formula: KHSO4
  • Molar mass: 136.169 g/mol
  • Boiling point: 300 C
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Packaging Type: Sack

We offers Potassium Bi Sulphate E.P. for a veriety of industrial usages. Our Potassium Bi Sulphate E.P having Maximum Limits of Impurities.

Potassium Dichromate

Product Details:
  • Molar mass: 294.185 g/mol
  • Coordination geometry: Tetrahedral
  • Refractive index: 1.738
  • Color: Red
  • Packaging Type: Packet
  • State: Crystal

Potassium Dichromate, K2Cr2O7, is a common inorganic chemical reagent, most commonly used as an oxidizing agent in various laboratory and industrial applications. As with all hexavalent chromium compounds, it is acutely and chronically harmful to health and must be handled and disposed of appropriately.

Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate

Product Details:
  • Molar mass: 204.22 g/mol
  • Formula: C8H5KO4
  • Appearance: White or colorless solid
  • Density: 1.636 g/cm3
  • Solubility: Slightly soluble in alcohol
  • Physical State: Powder

Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate often called simply KHP, is an acidic salt compound. It forms the white powder, colorless crystals, a colorless solution, and an ionic solid that is the monopotassium salt of phthalic acid. The hydrogen is slightly acidic, and it is often used as a primary standard for acid-base titrations because it is solid and air-stable, making it easy to weigh accurately.

Potassium Oxalate

Product Details:
  • Molar mass: 166.22 g/mol
  • Chemical formula: C2HKO4
  • Solubility in water: 2.5 g/100 g
  • Density: 2.0 g/cm3
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Usage: Industrial

Potassium Oxalate is the normal efflorescent soluble salt K2C2O4.H2O used chiefly in preventing the clotting of blood (as in blood tests) and formerly in photography.

Potassium Sulfate Pure

Product Details:
  • Molar mass: 174.259 g/mol
  • Solubility in water: 111g per Litre at 20 Degree
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade
  • Physical State: solid
  • Usage: Industrial

The mineral form of Potassium Sulfate Pure, arcanite, is relatively rare. Natural resources of potassium sulfate are minerals abundant in the Stassfurt salt. These are crystallisations of potassium sulfate and sulfates of magnesium calcium and sodium.

The minerals are:

  • Kainite, MgSO4·KCl·H2O
  • Schönite, K2SO4·MgSO4·6H2O
  • Leonite, K2SO4·MgSO4·4H2O
  • Langbeinite, K2SO4·2MgSO4
  • Glaserite, K3Na(SO4)2
  • Polyhalite, K2SO4·MgSO4·2CaSO4·2H2O

Potassium Sulfite

Product Details:
  • Formula: K2SO3
  • Acidity: 8 (pKa)
  • State of Matter: Granular
  • Features: Acid Resistant
  • Packaging Type: Bag
  • Molar Mass: 158.26 g/mol

Potassium Sulfite (K2SO3) is a chemical compound which is the salt of potassium cation and sulfite anion. As a food additive it is used as a preservative under the E number E225 (INS number 225). It is approved for use in Australia and New Zealand[1] and is not approved in the EU

Sodium Acetate EP

Product Details:
  • Solubility in acetone: 0.5 g/kg (15 C)
  • Solubility in methanol: 16 g/100 g (15 C)
  • Grade Standard: Technical Grade
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Formula: C2H3NaO2
  • Molar Mass: 82.0343 g/mol

Sodium acetate can be used to form an ester with an alkyl halide such as bromoethane:

  • CH3COONa + BrCH2CH3 → CH3COOCH2CH3 + NaBr Caesium salts catalyze this reaction

Potassium Formate

Product Details:
  • Formula: KHCO2
  • Density: 1.91 g/cm2
  • Solubility in water: 331 g/100 mL (25C)
  • Chloride Max: 0.005 %
  • Sulphate Max: 0.05 %
  • Heavy Metals Max: 0.002 %
  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Molar Mass: 84.12 g/mol
  • Assay: 98.5 %

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Mono Potassium Phosphate

Product Details:
  • Formula: KH2PO4
  • MOL WT: 136.10
  • Chloride Max: 0.001 %
  • Nitrogen Max: 0.001 %
  • Sulphate Max: 0.002 %
  • Iron Max: 0.002 %
  • Physical State: Powder
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Assay: Min 98%

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